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Send money here, there & everywhere

Remeeta is a fast and safe way to send money around the world. The platform is a smart solution that helps you make transfer in just few clicks.

OUR FEE: £ 0.99
1.00 GBP = 52.18 UAH

Send money the way you like

Transfer to Banking Card
Bank Transfer
Cash Pick Up

You can find all the things you need to payout

Our App allows you to register and send money in a matter of minutes. With us you get guaranteed live exchange rate, our network covers world. Our fees are low and transparent. We help you to help others 24/7/365.

How to transfer

1. Register for free
Sign up with us by filling online registration form
2. Verify yourself
Take photo or download a copy of your ID to verify yourself
3. Add beneficiary details
Enter beneficiary details and save
4. Check exchange rate and amount
Enter amount, check rate and fees. If happy, create transfer
5. Pay for your transfer
You can use your bank account or banking card to pay for the transfer.
6. All done
We send the money instantly. Our watchdog Luna guarantees you this!
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Sign Up for Remeeta account?
Please, fill your personal details in the provided boxes. When you complete the information you have to download your ID for verification purposes. You will be sent an email asking to activate your account. Follow the link in your email to sign in.
Why do you need my ID? What proof of ID do you accept?
In order to comply with Anti Money Laundering Regulations we need know all our clients. For that reason we ask you to send us scanned copy of your Passport, UK (full) / EU Driving Licence, EU member ID photo card.
Why do I need to provide additional paperwork?

As regulated body we are requested to carry checks to satisfy the regulators that the transfers we are processing are genuine. In order to meet the requirements we set up the threshold when we ask to submit additional paperwork, as follows:

  • a) Any transfers - copy of ID
  • b) Exceeding £1500- copy of ID + Proof of Address
  • c) Exceeding £5000- copy of ID + Proof of Address+ Proof of Funds

What proof of address do you accept?

We will accept:

  • Bank Statements
  • Utility Bills
  • HMRC Letters
  • NHS card
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Mortgage Statement

If you are unable to provide these documents, please contact us at help@remeeta.com explaining the reason and we will offer you other options available.

Proof of Funds. What paperwork I have to submit?

  • Payslips
  • Bank Statements (if not used to as evidence for your address)
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Loan Agreement
  • Assets sales receipts

Alternatively, please email us at help@remeeta.com to discuss other options available.

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