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moving money clever


We focus on people from Eastern Europe who live and work abroad. According to recent survey we estimate that around 90% of them will be using slow and expensive service providers to send money home.

We developed a platform which allows to Send Money Instantly.

Our payment network covers over 180 countries with 37 different currencies.

Traditional bank utopia

International payments is a very complex process. High Street Banks costs are High Sky. In average you will pay between 7-10% in banking commission for international transfer.

We optimised the process by developing cloud based platform that allows to communicate multiple requests in real time.

So, you move your money Safe and Fast.

  • Company Authorization2017
  • Platform Development2018
  • Business Launch2019
  • Introduced Transfers to Payment Cards in Local Currencies2020

Our Birth

Back in 2017 a simple average transfer from UK to Europe would costs you 20% of the value.

Today we sale the service at 1%.

What a Quantum Jump!

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