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Bring Your Friend and Earn £10
We will give £10 to your Friend as well

1. Copy Invite Link
2. Send the link to your Friend via email or share in social media
3. Your Friends clicks the link, Sign Up and get £10 into their Remeeta Account
4. They send £100 or more, you get £10 into your Remeeta Account, they get £10 discount from their transfer
5. Invite as many friends as you want
* Terms and Conditions Apply

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a £10 referral?
All customers can earn up to £100 to spend on a qualifying transfer, if a friend clicks on the unique referral link and sends a minimum of £100 transfer on the Remeeta platform.
What is the maximum number of people I can invite?
There’s no limit to the number of referrals that each user can send or the number of referral credits they can earn, but only one referral credit can be used per one qualifying transaction. Referral codes can’t be used in combination with any other promotion code.
How do I share my referral code?
Share your code by email, Whatsapp or social media. Simply copy the invite link above and send it on.
What is the minimum of transaction value?
It is £100 for individuals only.

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