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The units of POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. perform only the payment of remittances.

The maximum amount of a single money transfer sent to POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. is 5 000 EUR.

Money transfers sent before 16:00 (Central European Time) - are available for payment at POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. in 24 hours. Money orders sent after 16:00 (Central European Time) - (19:00) are available for payment at POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. in 48 hours.

After admission to POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. the amount of the money transfer in EUR is credited to the Beneficiary's account and can be cashed in any branch of POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D in EUR or in local currency (RSD). If the Recipient is not a POSTANSKA STEDIONICA customer, A.D., the account will be opened when the Beneficiary addresses the POSTANSKA STEDIONICA office, A.D. To open an account, the Recipient must present a document proving his identity. No commissions are charged for opening and maintaining an account. The transfer of the amount of money transfer to the account of the Recipient is made on the day of opening the account. This account will be used for all subsequent transfers sent in favor of this Recipient.

In case the recipient is not a resident of Serbia, then to open an account, he must produce:

Passport with valid visa and voucher from the hotel or a passport with a valid visa and a certificate from the local police station, where

All foreign citizens who entered the territory of Serbia are required to register independently (without the participation of a travel agency).

Please note that inquiries on the request of Senders / Recipients may take 10 working days or more.

Cash withdrawal from the account in POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. is carried out under the following conditions:

  • for cashing the amount in EUR, POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. charges an additional commission of 1.0% of the transaction amount;
  • for cashing out the amount in local currency (RSD), no additional commission is charged. The conversion is carried out at the rate of POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. on the date of cashing.

Commission for payment of transfer in POSTANSKA STEDIONICA, A.D. is 2% plus 5.0 EUR and is added extra to our fee.


The commission for payment of transfer in SERBIAN POSTAL BANK units by crediting to the Beneficiary's account is:

To EUR 100.00: RSD 20.00

From EUR 100.01 and to EUR 5.000.00: 0.2%, min. RSD 200.00

More than EUR 5.000,00: 0,15% max. RSD 5.000,00

1 EUR = 123 RSD (approximately).