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1. How to Sign Up for Remeeta account?

Please, fill your personal details in the provided boxes. When you complete the information you have to download your ID for verification purposes. You will be sent an email asking to activate your account. Follow the link in your email to sign in.

2. Why do you need my ID? What proof of ID do you accept?

In order to comply with Anti Money Laundering Regulations we need know all our clients. For that reason we ask you to send us scanned copy of your Passport, UK (full) / EU Driving Licence, EU member ID photo card.

3. Why do I need to provide additional paperwork?

As regulated body we are requested to carry checks to satisfy the regulators that the transfers we are processing are genuine. In order to meet the requirements we set up the threshold when we ask to submit additional paperwork, as follows:

  • a) Any transfers - copy of ID
  • b) Exceeding £1500- copy of ID + Proof of Address
  • c) Exceeding £5000- copy of ID + Proof of Address+ Proof of Funds

4. What proof of address do you accept?

We will accept:

  • Bank Statements
  • Utility Bills
  • HMRC Letters
  • NHS card
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Mortgage Statement

If you are unable to provide these documents, please contact us at explaining the reason and we will offer you other options available.

5. Proof of Funds. What paperwork I have to submit?

  • Payslips
  • Bank Statements (if not used to as evidence for your address)
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Loan Agreement
  • Assets sales receipts

Alternatively, please email us at to discuss other options available.

6. How do I make changes in my Account?

You can edit your account information by logging into your account and choosing profile option. There are details that are not amendable, such as your Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender. If you recently changed your name and would like to update these details, please email us your request to If you decide to close your account you have to email the request to If possible, please state the reason why you are leaving us.

7. Forgot my Password. What should I do?

You can always request to reset your password by clicking forgot my password link. We will send you resetting password link to your email address.

8. Beneficiary. What details do I need?

You have to add beneficiary in order to send the money. You need to provide theirs Full Name (as stated in the passport) Address and email contact. For each beneficiary you need to state the delivery method, the way they will be receiving the transfer. The options are- via bank transfer, swift order or collecting cash. For bank transfers and SWIFT options- you need to provide us with IBAN number and SWIFT of your beneficiary. For cash collections- choose from the list of available pay out points (banks or post offices names and locations).

9. What is the SWIFT CODE?

A SWFIT code (or SWIFTBIC) is the bank identification code. It helps international banks to identify each others. It is normally made up of 8-11 characters (letters and numbers). Ask you beneficiary for the details.

10. What is IBAN number?

IBAN is abbreviation for International Bank Account Number. The number is used to make or receive international payments. It is made of 2 letters that stand for the country , the sort code and account number.Ask you beneficiary for the details.

11. Fees. How much does it cost to make transfer?

You can send the money from as little as £1. Charges may very from time to time depending on the countries, currencies and increase in 3rd party charges. We will always clearly display the fees we charge for every transaction you make.All Swift transfers cost £11 to make.

12. How to pay for my transfer?

You can pay for your transfer via online banking or by popping into your branch and asking to arrange the payment into Remeeta Limited account. If you are registered with telephone banking you can call your bank and ask them to make payment to Remeeta Limited. You need to provide your bank with Remeeta Limited bank account details (when you book your transfer our bank details will be displayed on a payment page, please make a note of it). When making the payment to us, please state your Full Name as a reference for the payment.

13. How do I know if you received my payment?

The status of your transfers will be updated as soon as we receive the money. You can always check for the updates by logging into your account.

14. How much time I have to make payment to Remeeta Limited?

You have to arrange a payment to us within 24 hours from the time you booked your transfer.

15. Transfer Status. What is this?

Transfer Statuses reflect stages of your transfers, like:

  • a) awaiting funds- when we wait to receive the money from you.
  • b) in progress- when we received your payment and started to process the transfer
  • c) sent- the transfer has been processed and the money can be collected by the receiver.
  • d) received- the money have been collected
  • e) cancelled- when we stopped the transfer. We will notify you via email if there is any problem with your transfer.

16. How much can I send?

If you transfer the money within European Union zone into recipient bank account- there is not limit on maximum you can send. The minimum amount is 10 GBP.

17. What are the Limits?

The Minimum you can send is 10GBP.The Maximum you can send depends on the country, method of transfer and currency. We set these limits manually and they could be changed from time to time.

Swift Transfers:

  • Maximum you can send via SWIFT is 100,000GBP.
  • Minimum is 10 GBP.

18. How long does it take to receive the money?

We aim to deliver your money in 24 hours. However, the time will vary depending on the countries, delivery method, but should not exceed 48 hours. You will receive notification sent to your email address as soon as the money become available for collection. We will also update the status of your transfer in your dashboard. You can check for all the updates by logging into your account.Important information: We do not process the payment on weekends and public holidays. If you book the transfer over this time, it will be processed on the first working day.